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Israeli Army launches major operation in Jenin, aiming to destroy Militant Group’s command center


Jenin, Palestine – The Israeli army has initiated its largest operation in several years, targeting the city of Jenin in an effort to dismantle the command center of the Jenin Brigades militant group. The operation involves surrounding the city, deploying artillery, and engaging in active combat. Reports of gunfire and explosions have been heard, leading to casualties among the Palestinian population.

At least five Palestinians have been reported killed, while 28 others have sustained injuries during the operation. The Israeli military has justified the offensive, stating that the objective is to eliminate the command center, which had been disguised as a refugee camp.

Meanwhile, in the southern region of Israel, the renowned Iron Dome air defense system has been deployed in anticipation of potential strikes from the Gaza Strip. The increased tension between Israel and Gaza has raised concerns about potential escalations in the area.

In this operation, Israeli paratroopers have been spotted multiple times, indicating their active participation. However, the primary driving force behind the offensive is the Israeli commando brigade, specifically the Egoz and Maglan units (212th and 217th, respectively). These elite commando units have taken the lead in executing the operation.

Furthermore, recent Israeli UAV strikes have targeted specific locations that illustrate the Palestinian Jihad groups’ utilization of outposts and operation rooms near schools, potentially to avoid being targeted by Israeli forces. The map reveals the presence of these structures, highlighting the ongoing challenge of conducting military operations in densely populated areas.

As the situation continues to unfold, the Israeli army’s operation in Jenin raises concerns about the escalation of violence and its impact on the civilian population. The Israeli military has emphasized its commitment to targeting militant groups while taking measures to minimize civilian casualties. However, the volatile nature of the conflict in the region presents significant challenges in achieving this delicate balance. will closely monitor the developments in Jenin and the southern region of Israel, providing up-to-date coverage as more information becomes available.

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