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ISIS rehearses terror tactics: Moscow attack a prelude to European assaults


In a recent development, intelligence data obtained by reveals a significant operation thwarted by authorities in the REDACTED Provincial Commissariat of Afghanistan. Early this morning, military officials apprehended an Islamic State (IS) jihadist attempting to transport bomb-making materials and plastic explosives from REDACTED to Afghanistan. The arrest was made possible through intelligence received from foreign sources of the Taliban’s Global Defense Initiative (GDI).

The detained individual, of Uzbek origin, had been radicalized under the influence of Mr. Sharaf REDACTED, a Tajik ISKP mentor known for recruiting suicide bombers in REDACTED. Interrogations conducted by the country’s intelligence agency indicate that the jihadist had undergone extensive training in surveillance, elicitation, and security evasion techniques in Afghanistan. His ultimate mission: to recruit, train, and execute attacks within the European Union.

Evidence suggests that the recent attack in Moscow served as a rehearsal for larger-scale assaults across Europe. The jihadist’s revelations shed light on ISKP’s strategy to assess Europe’s preparedness in deterring and preventing such attacks. Plastic explosives, meticulously manufactured using advanced tactics and chemical testing, were intended for use in suicide vests. Notably, these explosives possess a covert quality, evading detection by handheld anti-mine devices and explosive metal detectors, enabling suicide bombers to bypass security checkpoints undetected.

This incident underscores the evolving threat posed by IS and the critical need for enhanced vigilance and cooperation among intelligence agencies to safeguard against future terrorist attacks in Europe. remains committed to monitoring and analyzing emerging security threats to provide actionable insights for policymakers and the public alike.

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