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Iran issues warning to Israel over Gaza conflict, Threatens military intervention


In a stunning turn of events, Iran has reportedly sent a stern message to Israel, raising the specter of military intervention if the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continue their operations in Gaza. The message was conveyed through diplomatic channels at the United Nations, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

According to a diplomatic source with inside knowledge, Iran’s message, which was channeled through the UN, underscores the gravity of the situation. The Walla news agency has reported on this critical development.

The message delivered by Iran outlines a potential military response that could range from direct intervention to support for militias in Syria and Iraq. It also includes the ominous possibility of backing Hezbollah’s entry into the conflict. Such an escalation could transform the current crisis in Gaza into a full-blown regional war, with dire consequences for all parties involved.

A diplomatic source elaborated on Iran’s stance, indicating that Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian expressed the country’s unwillingness to let the Gaza conflict spiral into a regional war. Iran’s primary objective, as emphasized by the Foreign Minister, is to secure the release of kidnapped citizens. Nevertheless, the Foreign Minister made it abundantly clear that Iran has its red lines, and any continuation of the IDF’s Gaza operation would compel Iran to respond.

The message from Iran was relayed to the head of the National Assembly through the UN envoy, following a high-level meeting in Beirut. Hossein Amir Abdullahian met with the UN Middle East Envoy, Tor Vansland, to convey the message personally. This historic meeting marked the first-ever interaction between the UN envoy and an Iranian official.

The situation took another unexpected turn as the Iranian Foreign Minister conducted a briefing for reporters in Beirut following his meeting with Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. In his statement, the Iranian Foreign Minister stressed the urgency of the situation, insisting that Israel cease its alleged war crimes without delay, as time may be running out.

Furthermore, the Iranian Foreign Minister revealed that Hezbollah had devised several scenarios aimed at causing significant disruption and turmoil within Israel, suggesting a possible “earthquake” in the region.

After the meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister, the UN envoy wasted no time in contacting Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi and other high-ranking officials within the Israeli government. Thus far, there has been no official response from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding this ominous development.

The world watches with bated breath as the situation in Gaza and the surrounding region takes a perilous turn, raising concerns about the potential for further escalation and instability. The international community is poised to address this alarming situation and seek a peaceful resolution to avoid the outbreak of a devastating regional conflict.

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