Scroll Top takes action against scams and Russian-backed trolls


In a bid to combat online scams and identify Russian-backed trolls attempting to manipulate public opinion, has launched operation #OpNoSCAM. The organization is dedicated to exposing fraudulent activities and disinformation campaigns, particularly in the context of illegal actions in Ukraine. As part of their efforts, is expanding its website and establishing a new forum to foster open discussions and information sharing.

Crucial Aspects of’s Initiative:

  1. New website features is currently in the process of enhancing its website to accommodate the growing need for information sharing and collaboration. This upgrade aims to provide users with a more comprehensive platform to discuss, identify, and expose scams, fake accounts, and Russian-backed social media profiles.
  2. Closed forum section
    The new forum will include a dedicated section where users can share information about scams, fake accounts, or those believed to have Russian affiliations. However, this particular section will be closed to the public. To access this hidden forum, users are encouraged to create a free account on the website.
  3. Account verification
    To maintain the integrity of the closed forum and ensure the reliability of participants, will review and approve free account requests before granting access. This process will help filter out potential malicious actors.
  4. DDOS Attacks has experienced three Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks in the past three months due to their commitment to exposing scams and disinformation. These attacks highlight the organization’s dedication to its mission and the significance of their work.
  5. Telegram operation
    In addition to their website initiative, is actively involved in an ongoing operation on the Telegram platform. Details regarding this secret operation will be exclusively shared within the closed forum section of their website.

Upcoming milestone anticipates that the upgraded website, complete with the new forum, will be fully operational by October 15th. Interested individuals can already create an account on the website, and upon approval, they will receive an email granting access to the hidden forum area. With an account, users will also have the opportunity to engage with and comment on the organization’s articles.

In a world where online scams and disinformation campaigns proliferate, initiatives like #OpNoSCAM and’s forum play a crucial role in combating these threats. By fostering a community dedicated to identifying and exposing malicious activities, they are taking significant steps to protect the online space and promote transparency.

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