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In a recent incident, encountered a WhatsApp scammer, shedding light on the persistent and evolving dangers of online fraud. The encounter began with the receipt of a message from the number +48510892508, which read: “Dad, my phone fell. I now have a loaned device. Can you send me a WhatsApp message on my loaned device? Here’s the number: +31617452050.” What followed was an attempt to engage with the scammer and gather information. Unfortunately, the scammers did not take the bait. The chat unfolded as follows:

In Dutch:
“Pap mijn telefoon is gevallen. Ik krijg nu een leentoestel. Kan je me een WhatsApp bericht sturen naar mijn leentoestel? Dit is het nummer: +31617452050 (0617452050, 0031617452050)”

[20:35, 18-09-2023] William: “Sorry, can only respond now. Phone fell? Strange number. Will you get your own number back?” [20:36, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Yes, my screen will be fixed tomorrow. I have a temporary loan device for now.”
[20:37, 18-09-2023] William: “Okay, but I’m not comfortable with you leaving your number there. Where are you getting your phone repaired? And how much is it costing? Wouldn’t it be better to consider a new phone?”
[20:38, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Fortunately, I managed to arrange it through insurance.”
[20:38, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Dad, are you busy?”
[20:40, 18-09-2023] William: “Yes, still at work, but go ahead. Otherwise, call mom.”
[20:41, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Maybe you can help me for a moment. I’m trying to make a payment through the app, but it’s not working. Could you advance the payment? I’ll repay you tomorrow, or it’ll be increased.”
[20:42, 18-09-2023] William: “What do you mean? I don’t feel comfortable with you handling your banking on a loaned device.” [20:43, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “I can’t do online banking on this temporary device. Could you help by advancing the payment?”
[20:44, 18-09-2023] William: “How, what, and how much?” [20:44, 18-09-2023] William: “Did you ask mom too? She’s at home.” [20:44, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “I’ll get the details from my email. Which bank can you use to make the payment?”
[20:47, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “The amount is €1,956.29, and it had to be paid by 9:00 PM. Can you do it?”
[20:48, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Can you also let me know if it doesn’t work? I’m on the line with them.”
[20:49, 18-09-2023] William: “Seriously? What is this for?”
[20:49, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “I bought a MacBook on Afterpay. I’ve received it now, so it needs to be paid, or additional costs will be incurred.”
[20:51, 18-09-2023] William: “Online banking is still down. https://ing.nl
[20:51, 18-09-2023] William: “ING Outage”
[20:51, 18-09-2023] William: “But why use Afterpay, and why such an expensive MacBook?”
[20:51, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Could you try it, please? It’s a shame if the costs increase.”
[20:52, 18-09-2023] William: “Why don’t you just return it?”
[20:52, 18-09-2023] William: “I don’t agree with this. Why do you need such an expensive MacBook?”
[20:52, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “It can’t be returned; I’ve already received the MacBook.”
[20:53, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “You’ll get it back tomorrow. Can you please make the payment?”
[20:53, 18-09-2023] William: “The daily limit is €1,000… So, unfortunately, I can’t. Maybe a limit increase can help prevent such decisions in the future…”
[20:54, 18-09-2023] William: “What’s the limit increase?”
[20:54, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “But you can make it right away through the ING website.”
[20:54, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Can you do it, please?”
[20:54, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “The increase is €759. Such a pity.”
[20:54, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Super unfortunate.”
[20:56, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “????”
[20:57, 18-09-2023] William: “Yes, yes, I’ve requested an increase, but it takes a few minutes. I’ll log in and out shortly.”
[20:57, 18-09-2023] William: “One moment.”
[20:57, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “No, it takes 4 hours. But if you make the payment through the ING website, it can be done immediately.”
[20:57, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Shall I send you the details?”
[20:59, 18-09-2023] William: “Is it really 4 hours?”
[20:59, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Yes, but you can do it immediately through the website.”
[20:59, 18-09-2023] William: “I don’t think I can do it through my phone.”
[21:00, 18-09-2023] William: “To which account should I transfer the money?”
[21:00, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Yes, you can, if you go to It should work.”
[21:00, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “I’ll get the details from my email.”
[21:03, 18-09-2023] William: “???”
[21:05, 18-09-2023] William: “I’m still at work on my PC and logged into my ING account. You should send me the details now, or I’ll have to go home.”
[21:06, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “In the description, write: G789. Let me know if it’s done?”
[21:06, 18-09-2023] William: “Mrs. Til? I thought it was Afterpay.”
[21:06, 18-09-2023] WhatsApp Scammer: “Yes, that’s

The information that was shared pertained to a woman (Mrs. Van Til), and for privacy reasons, we are omitting her initials. These details have been reported to the authorities. Let this article serve as a warning, and please inform your loved ones about the risks associated with such messages. Always report this kind of fraud to your local authorities so that the information can be disseminated and action can be taken to prevent further scams.

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