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Infamous hacker group GhostSEC threatens Tap Air Portugal with data leak


In a recent announcement made on Telegram, the notorious criminal hacker group GhostSEC has broken its silence, revealing its latest target for a potentially devastating cyber attack. Tap Air Portugal, a prominent airline certified by NATO, has found itself in the crosshairs of GhostSEC, who claims to have amassed a staggering 350GB of sensitive data exposing the company’s alleged corruption and controversial activities.

GhostSEC’s message introduces a twisted game called “A Race for Data,” aimed at putting pressure on Tap Air Portugal. The group demands that a specific Bitcoin wallet be filled with 250,000 USD within one week. Should this demand be met, GhostSEC promises not to release the captured data and even pledges to delete it. However, failure to meet the deadline will result in a daily increase in the ransom amount by 10,000 USD, along with additional data leaks. Simultaneously, a separate Bitcoin wallet has been provided for supporters and individuals interested in the data leak. If this second wallet reaches a threshold of 50,000 USD, GhostSEC vows to immediately publish all the acquired data.

GhostSEC has also offered the opportunity for exclusive purchase of the entire data set for the sum of 140,000 USD, with interested parties instructed to contact @GhostSec420 or @GhostSecSR via direct message.

To emphasize the gravity of their claims, GhostSEC has shared a sample of the data, accessible via this link: The sample contains a significant amount of data, with particular emphasis on customer information, which GhostSEC considers highly sensitive and potentially damaging. The group warns that they possess a much larger trove of customer data, threatening to expose it should Tap Air Portugal fail to comply with their demands, while slyly referencing European Union data protection laws.

Numerous sources have reported on alleged corruption within Tap Air Portugal, including:

  1. “Tap Embroiled in Aircraft Scandal” – Essential Business (October 21, 2022) Link
  2. “PJ Investigating Claims of Corruption within Tap” – The Portugal News Link

Authorities, cybersecurity experts, and Tap Air Portugal’s management are now grappling with the imminent threat posed by GhostSEC, as they scramble to protect the airline’s reputation and customers’ confidential data.

Tap Air Portugal was also a victim of a hack in 2022. In 2022, the personal information of various politicians, including Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, was exposed as a result of a targeted attack orchestrated by the infamous Ragnar Locker gang against TAP Air Portugal, the nation’s flagship airline. The breach led to the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data, raising concerns about the privacy and security of prominent figures within the country. The incident highlights the far-reaching impact of cyberattacks and the pressing need for robust security measures to safeguard confidential information against such malicious activities.

Click here for the article about the cyber incident in 2022.

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