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ICC opens office in Kyiv to investigate Russian war crimes


On September 14, Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin announced that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has established a field office in Kyiv.

The purpose of this office is to “enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of responding to the ongoing crimes committed by Russia against Ukraine and Ukrainians on a daily basis,” stated Kostin.

According to the Prosecutor General, this office is the largest ICC field office outside of The Hague, with the ICC currently maintaining seven field offices worldwide.

Kostin expressed his gratitude towards Karim Khan, the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, for the “tremendous work” carried out by the court to bring perpetrators to justice. “We are doing everything in our power to ensure that ICC experts can witness the consequences of the aggressor’s actions firsthand and draw their independent conclusions,” added Kostin.

He further emphasized, “Unlike Russia’s criminal regime, Ukraine has nothing to hide.”

In March, the ICC issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, the Russian official overseeing the forced deportations of Ukrainian children to Russia.

The Ukrainian government has identified approximately 20,000 Ukrainian children who have been forcibly deported from Russian-occupied territories.

The ICC holds the belief that Putin “bears individual criminal responsibility” as the leader of Russia for the crimes committed against Ukrainian children.

In response, Russia issued an arrest warrant for Khan in May. The court condemned this action as “unacceptable” and described it as “coercive measures,” emphasizing that Russia’s actions would not deter the ICC from pursuing justice for war criminals.

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