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Historic vote ousts Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker


In an unprecedented move, the House of Representatives has removed Kevin McCarthy from the position of Speaker, shaking the political landscape and creating turmoil within the GOP-controlled House. This historic vote, which took place on Tuesday, marked the first time in U.S. history that lawmakers formally voted to oust a sitting speaker in the middle of a term.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, spearheaded the effort to force the vote after McCarthy successfully passed a bill to fund the government. Gaetz, along with seven other Republican rebels, joined forces with all Democrats, resulting in a 216-210 vote to remove McCarthy from his powerful position.

The vote exposed deep divisions within the Republican Party, with an overwhelming number of Republicans (210) voting to retain McCarthy as Speaker. However, their efforts fell short due to the narrow GOP majority in the House.

The aftermath of the vote left the GOP-controlled House in a state of chaos, as lawmakers grappled with the unexpected outcome. The House session was abruptly ended by Rep. Patrick McHenry, a top McCarthy ally, who took up the role of temporary replacement as Speaker pro tempore.

Before the crucial vote, Rules Chairman Tom Cole, another McCarthy ally, cautioned against plunging the House into chaos, urging members to carefully consider the consequences of removing the sitting Speaker. Despite his plea, Gaetz argued that McCarthy represented chaos himself, pointing to issues such as the growing national debt and annual deficits.

The vote on McCarthy’s political future will be determined after the House debates the motion further. House rules allowed McCarthy until Wednesday to address the resolution filed by Gaetz, but the situation escalated quickly, leading to the historic vote.

Given the rarity of declaring the speakership vacant, the exact ramifications of this decision remain uncertain. The last time such an event occurred was in 1910 when Speaker Joseph Cannon declared the chair vacant against himself.

While McCarthy’s future as Speaker hangs in the balance, some senior Democrats have signaled their reluctance to support him. Despite the divided sentiments within the Democratic Party, members emphasize the importance of unity as they consider their next steps.

The removal of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker has set the stage for a period of uncertainty in the House of Representatives, with both Republicans and Democrats left to grapple with the consequences of this historic vote.

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