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Historic milestone: Female Ukrainian soldier successfully completes Special Operations Forces Q-Course in UK


In a groundbreaking achievement, the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine have witnessed the first-ever female soldier to successfully complete their rigorous Q-course. The accomplishment marks a significant milestone for gender equality and demonstrates the growing recognition of women’s capabilities in specialized military roles. The achievement comes after months of intensive training and selection processes designed to test candidates’ physical and mental endurance.

The momentous event was announced by the command of the Mobile Task Force (MTR) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recognizing the historic nature of this achievement. The female soldier, whose identity has not been disclosed for security reasons, joins the ranks of the elite Special Operations Forces after successfully completing the demanding Q-course, which spanned several months.

Spokesperson for the Spetsnaz, Oleksandr Kindratenko, highlighted the arduous nature of the Q-course in a commentary provided to Ukrainska Pravda. Out of the several hundred candidates who undertook the training, only a mere 10% managed to successfully complete the course. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the most exceptional individuals with the necessary skills and determination make it through.

While Ukraine is the latest country to celebrate the inclusion of women in their Special Forces, other nations, including Israel, Norway, Britain, and the United States, have already established women’s special forces units. These countries have recognized the immense value that women bring to these specialized roles, breaking traditional gender barriers and allowing for a more diverse and inclusive military.

The inclusion of women in special operations forces opens doors for greater representation and empowers aspiring female soldiers who wish to serve their country in highly challenging and critical roles. Women have consistently demonstrated their ability to excel in military environments, with many displaying exceptional physical fitness, mental resilience, and tactical prowess.

This historic achievement in Ukraine serves as a testament to the commitment of the Armed Forces in promoting gender equality and fostering an environment of equal opportunity. It showcases the evolving nature of military operations, where the focus is placed on competence, skills, and dedication, rather than gender.

The successful completion of the Q-course by a female soldier in Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces signals a progressive step towards gender parity and further emphasizes the importance of inclusivity within the country’s armed forces. It is anticipated that this landmark achievement will inspire more women to pursue specialized military training and contribute to the nation’s defense capabilities.

As Ukraine joins the ranks of countries that have embraced the participation of women in special forces units, it underscores the global trend towards recognizing and harnessing the talents and abilities of all citizens, regardless of gender, in safeguarding national security. is proud to report on this significant achievement and will continue to monitor and highlight the advancements in gender diversity within the armed forces worldwide.

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