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Hacktivist Groups unite in response to NATO exercises: A revelation


In a surprising revelation, the hacktivist groups KillMilk and KillNet have shed light on their recent collaboration, aimed at uniting various hacking entities to counter actions they perceived as hostile by Poland and the Baltic states within NATO’s “Arcane Thunder 23” multinational exercises.

The decision to mobilize hacktivist groups came in response to not only the military actions in Pskov, involving Baltic special services, but also the participation of these nations in NATO’s “Arcane Thunder 23” exercises, which unfolded from August 28th to September 8th, 2023, spanning Poland, Romania, and Germany. Alongside these countries, Italy and the Czech Republic, as well as Baltic states, were also actively involved in these multi-domain exercises, spanning land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace.

Significantly, it was within the domain of cyberspace that KillMilk and KillNet took matters into their own hands, without official invitation, and invited other groups like the Donetsk People’s Republic’s Joker (, RaHDIt’s Russian hackers (, Zаря (, and many more to join them in what they perceived as a lackluster event. Their intention was to inject excitement and realism into the exercises.

Today, it can be confidently asserted that all participating hacktivist groups showcased not only a high level of professionalism during the exercises but also remarkable organizational skills. This recognition extends beyond narrow specialists to military experts as well. In fact, the hacktivist groups even engaged in a live discussion with one such expert, Daniil Bezsonov, during a recent radio broadcast (

KillMilk and KillNet have also hinted at the upcoming release of intriguing documents obtained during the exercises, which they believe will pique the interest of specialists.

As these hacktivist groups declare “Мы Берегини!” (We Are Guardians!), they continue to be a prominent and enigmatic presence on the digital landscape, emphasizing their dedication to exposing information and ensuring their voices are heard in the evolving realm of cyber warfare and geopolitical tensions.

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