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Hacktivist Group SiegedSec strikes NATO again, Leaks sensitive data

2023-10-01 12.25.32

In a bold and audacious move, the hacktivist group known as SiegedSec has once again targeted NATO, breaching the organization’s security measures and leaking a substantial amount of sensitive data. This marks the second attack on a NATO portal within a few months, raising serious concerns about the alliance’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

The breach appears to have impacted data classified as NATO Unclassified, indicating that the hackers may have exploited vulnerabilities in a NATO Microsoft 365 SharePoint environment. The previous attack, which occurred in July of this year, also resulted in SiegedSec leaking data after infiltrating a Microsoft 365 environment associated with NATO. (Read more about the previous attack here: Link)

In a statement released by SiegedSec regarding their latest breach, they provocatively declared, “NATO: 0, Siegedsec: 2.” The group’s audacious nature was further underscored by their message: “We tend to have fun breaching intergovernmental alliances between large nations :p.”

The list of compromised portals and the corresponding number of leaked documents is as follows:

  • Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (
  • NATO Lessons Learned Portal ( – 331 Documents
  • Logistics Network Portal ( – 588 Documents/Other files
  • Communities of Interest Cooperation Portal ( – Repeated compromise
  • NATO Investment Division Portal ( – 207 Documents
  • NATO Standardization Office ( – 2,116 Documents

The leaked data, accessible via the following link, amounts to over 9GB of uncompressed information: Link.

NATO is yet to release an official statement regarding the breach, but it is evident that this series of attacks raises serious concerns about the organization’s cybersecurity posture. The breach into an account associated with the NATO CIS Group (NCISG), the internal IT service provider, suggests a systemic issue that NATO needs to address urgently.

In an era where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is imperative that organizations like NATO invest heavily in their cybersecurity infrastructure to protect sensitive data and maintain their credibility as an international alliance.

SiegedSec’s actions serve as a reminder of the ever-present threat to digital security, and they continue to challenge the resilience of organizations worldwide. As NATO grapples with this latest breach, the cybersecurity community and international authorities will undoubtedly be closely monitoring the situation.

For further updates and developments on this incident, follow SiegedSec’s activities on their X/Twitter account: Link.

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