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‘General Armageddon’ of Russia under house arrest amid leadership change and speculation


Moscow, Russia: A prominent figure in Russia’s military hierarchy, General Sergei Surovikin, renowned as “General Armageddon” for his aggressive military strategies, has reportedly been removed from his leadership position in Moscow’s war on Ukraine. According to sources within Russian military bloggers and media, Surovikin, believed to have close ties with exiled Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, is now under house arrest, unable to leave his apartment.

The VChK-OGPU blog, known for its proximity to Russia’s security forces, disclosed that Surovikin is currently subjected to a form of house arrest, restricting his movements while allowing controlled visits, including those by some of his subordinates. This development comes following his removal from his commanding role in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Surovikin’s disappearance from public view dates back to Wagner’s march on Moscow in June, a time when reports began circulating suggesting his involvement in or knowledge of Prigozhin’s planned mutiny. Although there is no official confirmation of an active investigation, VChK-OGPU revealed that Surovikin underwent an extended period of scrutiny, leading to his advised retreat from public attention in order to eventually fade from memory.

Sources close to the situation quoted within the blog indicate that the final decision concerning Surovikin’s future lies with a single decision-maker, a reference believed to allude to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The blog further suggests that the longer this decision takes, the less severe the potential consequences for Surovikin.

Former Russian lieutenant general Viktor Sobolev, currently an MP in the state Duma, recently disclosed to that Surovikin had been stripped of his command over Kremlin forces in Ukraine. Sobolev’s comments also hinted at the possibility of Surovikin’s eventual reinstatement into a military role, contingent on the outcome of any investigations into his actions.

The Kremlin’s response to inquiries regarding Surovikin’s whereabouts and his alleged involvement in the Wagner mutiny remains guarded. While an official statement has not yet been issued, the Kremlin has referred to the reports as “speculations and allegations” in its interactions with the media.

As Russia’s military landscape undergoes these significant shifts, General Sergei Surovikin’s enigmatic situation continues to raise questions and speculation about the intricate web of relationships and dynamics within the nation’s security apparatus. The outcome of these developments remains uncertain, with Surovikin’s future role in the military and the larger political arena hanging in the balance.

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