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“From draft notice to grave”: Russian mobilized soldiers’ grim fate in Ukraine revealed


Russia – A disconcerting report from Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) and “Vazhnye Istoriy” (Important Stories) has uncovered a grim reality surrounding Russian mobilized soldiers deployed in Ukraine. According to their findings, the average lifespan of these soldiers on the front lines is a mere 4.5 months, with many meeting their tragic end within just a few days of deployment.

On September 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” in Russia. Now, one year later, Russian authorities have yet to release any official information regarding the losses sustained among the mobilized troops.

Volunteers from Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) and “Vazhnye Istoriy” took it upon themselves to compile and analyze a list of the mobilized soldiers who lost their lives, aiming to understand how long these individuals survive on the front lines and where and when the most significant casualties occur.

Their estimations indicate that within the first month following mobilization, a minimum of 130 individuals have lost their lives.

Shockingly, over half of the mobilized casualties fall within the age range of 30 to 45 years old. The oldest soldier in their list was Major Nikolay Isakov, a 62-year-old from the Tver region, who spent almost eight months at war and met his tragic fate in early June on Russian soil in the Shebekino District of the Belgorod Region. On average, however, mobilized soldiers tend to perish after approximately 4.5 months in the combat zone.

Experts from CIT note, “Some were thrust into the meat grinder around Svatove and Kremenne as early as the fall, where the [Russian military leadership] urgently needed to close the breach [by the Armed Forces of Ukraine]. At the beginning, they filled the gaps with [mobilized troops] to urgently prevent the collapse of the front lines and saturate the front with live forces. The record from draft notice to grave – just a few days.”

Nearly every region of Russia has witnessed the burial of at least one man who was called up by the draft.

For a detailed breakdown of where mobilized soldiers met their fates and the regions in Russia where graves are becoming increasingly common, please refer to the full research.

As this distressing revelation unfolds, questions about the handling of the situation and the true extent of the losses remain unanswered, further emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability. will continue to monitor the developments surrounding this investigation and its implications.

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