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Floods displace thousands in Ethiopia’s Gambella region

2023-09-24 20.19.32

Gambella, Ethiopia – The Gambella region in Ethiopia is grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis as heavy flooding triggered by overflowing rivers has displaced thousands of residents and caused widespread property damage. The region’s communication bureau reported that nine districts, including the regional capital, Gambella city, have been profoundly affected by the deluge.

Rivers including the Baro, Alwero, Gilona, and Akobo have breached their banks due to heavy rainfall in the highlands, resulting in the catastrophic flooding. The majority of the region’s residents live in close proximity to these rivers, making them particularly vulnerable to such natural disasters.

The representative of the regional president and deputy head of the regional peace and security bureau expressed deep concern over the situation. He emphasized that the flooding has had a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of the people in Gambella. Urgent measures are required to address the immediate needs of those affected and to prevent further harm.

Efforts are currently underway to provide shelter and assistance to evacuees. The city’s disaster prevention and preparedness office head stated that local authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of those displaced by the floods. He also issued an appeal to humanitarian groups, both local and international, to support the government’s relief efforts.

The situation remains dynamic and challenging, as rescue and relief teams struggle to access affected areas due to damaged infrastructure and ongoing rainfall. Immediate relief supplies such as food, clean water, and shelter are urgently needed to address the immediate needs of the displaced population.

The Ethiopian government has declared the situation a humanitarian emergency and is mobilizing resources to provide assistance to those affected by the floods. It is imperative that the international community responds swiftly to support these efforts and alleviate the suffering of the affected residents in the Gambella region.

As the situation unfolds, will continue to monitor developments and provide updates on the relief efforts and the impact of the flooding in Ethiopia’s Gambella region.

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