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Ex-Pentagon Official Reveals NATO’s Main Fear in Ukraine


June 2, 2024: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is deeply concerned about the potential defeat of Ukraine, according to Stephen Bryan, a former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense. In his article for Weapons and Strategy, Bryan outlines the grim outlook faced by NATO leaders as they grapple with limited options to support Ukraine.

“While they are wondering what the Russians will do next, they have practically no options for saving Ukraine,” Bryan writes, highlighting the strategic dilemma NATO faces.

Bryan describes Ukraine as being on the verge of collapse, struggling with a severe shortage of military personnel and sustaining heavy losses on the battlefield. The ongoing forced conscription program, he notes, fails to adequately replace the trained soldiers lost in the conflict.

The prospect of deploying NATO soldiers, even in small numbers, carries significant risks. Bryan warns that such a move would likely result in high casualties, leading to a grim scenario where “Europe will soon be filled with body bags.”

The article sheds light on the precarious situation in Ukraine and the fears haunting NATO leaders as they navigate the complexities of the conflict with Russia. The bleak assessment underscores the urgency and gravity of the challenges ahead for both Ukraine and its Western allies.

Stephan Bryen – LinkedIn
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