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In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent global cyberwar, a new offensive cyber cell has emerged, operating under the name SiegedSec. This group, led by the renowned hacktivist “YourAnonWolf,” has gained attention for its activities, which include defacing websites and leaking sensitive data.

Since its formation in late February 2022, SiegedSec has showcased its capabilities by defacing at least 11 websites using crude language and graphics. They have also claimed responsibility for defacing over 100+ domains, hinting at continued access to the compromised domains. SiegedSec’s leaked data includes thousands of compromised LinkedIn profiles and sensitive information from approximately 30 different companies across diverse industries globally, including healthcare, information technology, insurance, legal, and finance.

While the group’s defacements and leaked data have not indicated any ransomware activities, the motive behind their actions appears to be driven by the pursuit of “lulz” or laughter, as evidenced by their use of comical slogans and references to the online furry subculture.

One notable attack involved an India-based online news distribution outlet called NewsVoir. Following the attack, SiegedSec leaked large archives of documents and source code from the organization’s servers, indicating a willingness to gain financial compensation for their campaigns.

SiegedSec’s Telegram group, with limited membership and activity, includes the prominent figure YourAnonWolf, as well as other possible members like cialulz and Sryakarad. There are indications of connections between SiegedSec and other hacking groups, such as GhostSec, known for their attacks against Russia in the cyberwar.

DarkOwl, a cybersecurity intelligence platform, has noted some overlap in membership between the two groups’ Telegram channels. YourAnonWolf has a history of hacktivism and has been involved with other notable groups like Anonymous and GhostSec. They were also previously affiliated with groups like HackersGhost25, AxoSec, and BreachSec.

Despite criticisms of their technical prowess, claiming most attacks rely on basic SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) techniques, SiegedSec’s activities can still pose a threat to organizations’ cybersecurity posture. While the leaked data may not contain highly classified information, the group’s actions can still result in significant reputational damage and potential access to networks and personal information.

As SiegedSec’s activities continue to evolve, cybersecurity experts and organizations worldwide are closely monitoring their actions and working to enhance their defenses against emerging cyber threats. It is essential for companies to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their networks, data, and information from potential cyber intrusions and data breaches perpetrated by such hacker groups.

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