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Originally established in 2014 under the name “We Are The Resistance,” GhostSec has evolved over the years, transitioning from training cybersecurity enthusiasts to becoming an active participant in high-profile hacktivist campaigns. Initially founded with the purpose of combating Islamic extremism in the cyber realm, the group later shifted its focus to engaging in operations against various countries, including Nigeria, Colombia, Lebanon, and South Africa.

The turning point for GhostSec came with the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian war, where the group firmly aligned itself with Ukraine’s cause. In support of Ukraine, GhostSec primarily targeted Russian-related entities, carrying out activities such as leaks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and content dissemination under the campaign banner of #OpRussia.

In June 2022, GhostSec made a significant announcement, revealing its participation in the #OpIsrael campaign. Following this declaration, the group swiftly redirected its efforts, shifting focus towards Israeli targets. Exploiting potential vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) interfaces and industrial control systems/supervisory control and data acquisition (ICS/SCADA) systems, GhostSec’s operations led to potential disruptions within Israeli companies.

GhostSec is well aware of the impact of its operations on public perception and news activities, actively engaging with followers on various social media platforms to provide updates on their activities. The group maintains a strong presence on Telegram and Twitter, utilizing these platforms primarily to share target lists and communicate the outcomes of their attacks.

While GhostSec started as a training ground for beginner-level cyber candidates, offering quizzes and resources, the group has since transformed into a vigilante hacktivist organization. This shift has seen them actively participate in campaigns that align with their ideological stance and exhibit their technical capabilities.

It is important to note that GhostSec operates independently and does not align itself with any government or official organization. Instead, the group operates autonomously, leveraging its skills and resources to promote causes it deems worthy, often targeting entities it perceives as adversaries.

GhostSec’s journey from its inception as We Are The Resistance to its current role as an active hacktivist force demonstrates the dynamic nature of cybersecurity and the evolving motivations of hacktivist groups. As their operations continue to draw attention, it remains to be seen how their activities will influence the ongoing cyber landscape and the efforts to counteract extremism and support causes deemed just by the group.

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