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Dramatic rescue: Ukrainian sailor saved from Turkish waters after nearly 24 hours

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-01 225916

In a dramatic maritime rescue operation off the coast of Turkey, a Ukrainian sailor was saved from the depths of the sea almost a full day after he fell overboard. The remarkable rescue, reported by Maritime Bulletin, serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of multiple vessels and authorities.

The harrowing incident unfolded during the night of August 30th, when the senior assistant captain of the container ship MSC NADRIELY went overboard near Kefken, as the vessel was en route from Georgia to the Turkish port of Tekirdag. It was not until the absence of the senior officer was noticed that the container ship promptly altered its course, initiating an urgent search and rescue operation.

The search and rescue operation, which was carried out under challenging circumstances, involved rescue boats, coastal authorities, and aviation support. Additionally, distress calls were sent to nearby vessels in the vicinity, appealing for their assistance in locating the missing Ukrainian crew member.

After nearly 24 hours in the water, the Ukrainian sailor’s remarkable ordeal came to an end when he was spotted and rescued by the crew of the cargo ship MOONLIGHT. The sailor had endured approximately 20 hours in the water, battling the elements and exhaustion. Following his rescue, he was swiftly transported to a medical facility for evaluation and treatment.

This successful rescue operation showcases the unwavering commitment of maritime authorities and fellow sailors to the safety and well-being of seafarers. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers and challenges faced by those working at sea, and the critical role played by rapid response and cooperative efforts in ensuring their safety and survival.

As the rescued Ukrainian sailor begins his recovery, this heartwarming story highlights the resilience and strength of seafarers, and the collective dedication of the maritime community to come to their aid in times of crisis, ensuring that every life lost at sea is a life saved.

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