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Deadly bus ambush claims lives in Ethiopia’s Gambella region


In a harrowing incident on March 30, tragedy struck a passenger bus in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, leaving three individuals dead and seven others wounded in an ambush by unknown gunmen.

According to John Bang, the chairman of the Nuer community in Gambella, the bus came under attack while en route from Akobo to the Gambella region. The assault occurred in Iteng, a volatile area situated on the border between Gambella and Akobo.

Detailing the horrific ordeal, Bang recounted how the assailants unleashed gunfire on the unsuspecting passengers as the bus traversed through a forested area. “The assailants attacked the bus that was carrying passengers from Akobo going to Gambella region. Upon its arrival in the forest, it was surprisingly ambushed by the criminals and all the passengers were in shock and they were just screaming while in the vehicle as the attackers were firing at them,” he stated.

The aftermath of the attack left a devastating toll on the passengers. Three South Sudanese individuals lost their lives, including a nine-year-old girl, two women, and an Ethiopian man. Additionally, seven others sustained severe injuries in the assault.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, with no immediate claims of responsibility from any group.

Incidents of violence and insecurity have plagued the border regions of Ethiopia and South Sudan, exacerbating tensions and posing significant challenges to the safety and well-being of local communities. The latest attack serves as a grim reminder of the persistent threats faced by civilians in these volatile areas.

As the affected families mourn the loss of their loved ones and the injured receive medical attention, calls for heightened security measures and concerted efforts to address the root causes of such violence echo across the region. The need for effective strategies to ensure the safety of travelers and residents in border regions remains paramount to prevent further tragedies like this bus ambush in Gambella.

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