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Cybersecurity group GhostSec strikes again, targeting MOXA and Modbus devices in Russia


In a recent cybersecurity incident that has caught the attention of digital security experts, the well-known hacktivist group GhostSec has claimed responsibility for a high-profile breach involving MOXA and Modbus devices across Russia. The group has announced its successful exploitation of these devices, leaving them vulnerable and compromised. The cyber attack, which targeted publicly facing systems in several cities including Moscow, has sparked concerns about the security of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems in the country.

GhostSec, known for its activities in raising awareness about security vulnerabilities and advocating for digital rights, has taken responsibility for the breach through a message that appeared on various platforms. The message read: “Russia, you missed our shenanigans? WELLLL We’ve got a nice BANG right for you pwning the remaining publicly facing MOXA and Modbus devices all over RU some in Moscow and some in your other favorite cities.”

The group highlighted the vulnerability of these devices, particularly Modbus devices, and mentioned that many of them would now require replacement due to the breach. While the attack targeted publicly acquired devices, GhostSec ominously hinted at their intention to focus on more discreet devices, suggesting that further cyber attacks might be imminent.

Background on MOXA and Modbus devices in Russia
MOXA is a globally recognized company specializing in industrial networking, automation, and communication solutions. The company’s devices are commonly used in various sectors, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and telecommunications. Modbus, on the other hand, is a widely used communication protocol in industrial control systems, allowing various devices to communicate and exchange data.

Russia has a significant presence in industrial sectors, making the country a potential target for cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. As seen in this recent incident, the compromise of MOXA and Modbus devices raises concerns about the potential impact on industrial operations and infrastructure security. This breach serves as a reminder of the importance of bolstering cybersecurity measures to protect critical systems from malicious actors.

In their message, GhostSec called for unity against oppression and advocated for change through chaotic and strong collaboration. The hacktivist group signed off with a nod to Ukraine, saying, “Slava ukraini With love your favorite Ghosts ~GhostSec.”

While the breach has not yet been officially confirmed by authorities, the incident highlights the ongoing challenges in securing industrial control systems and critical infrastructure against cyber threats. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, ensuring the security and resilience of essential systems remains a critical priority.

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