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Cyber police in Kyiv exposes pseudo-Investment scheme, organizers misappropriate over 50000 euro


Cyber police in Kyiv exposes pseudo-Investment scheme, organizers misappropriate over 50000 euro

Kyiv’s Cyber Police have uncovered a pseudo-investment plan, with the organizers misappropriating more than UAH 2 million. Criminals operating online offered foreign citizens the opportunity to earn additional profits by investing in various projects. However, instead of fulfilling their promises, these impostors not only failed to pay the depositors but also appropriated the contributions. Those involved could face up to eight years in prison for their actions.

The Cybercrime Countermeasures department in Kyiv, along with police investigators from the Kharkiv region, exposed an organized group of criminals consisting of three residents from Kharkiv.

The impersonators created a website and Telegram channels where they offered investors income from investments in bankable metals, foreign currencies, securities, cryptocurrencies, and more. Investors were promised extra profits ranging from 400% to 500% depending on the amount of their contribution. Through a software interface on the website, they simulated agreements for the purchase and sale of assets and fictitious profit growth.

To support their illegal activities, group members established a call center and hired operators. The criminals also utilized paid advertisements on social networks to promote their schemes and find potential victims.

It was discovered that the scheme primarily targeted foreign citizens, particularly residents of Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. Not only did investors fail to receive the promised profits, but they were also unable to recover the amounts they had contributed.

According to operational data, the total amount of damage exceeds 2 million hryvnias. Law enforcement agencies are in the process of identifying the victims.

With the support of the special police regiment in the Kharkiv region, the police conducted searches at the perpetrators’ residences, vehicles, and call center premises. Mobile phones and laptops used in the illegal activities were seized.

The suspects have been charged under suspicion of fraud, as per Part 3 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The maximum penalty for this offense is up to eight years of imprisonment.

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Web Ber

A shame that this criminals are comming to Ukraine…

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