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Cyber hacktivists target Israeli Telecommunication giants in ongoing campaign


In a disturbing turn of events, hacktivist group SiegedSec has intensified its attacks on Israeli telecommunications companies, claiming retaliation for the conflict in Gaza. The group, known for its affiliation with the controversial @xAnonymousSudan and self-proclaimed status as “gay furry hackers,” has targeted major players in the industry, leaving a trail of compromised systems and disrupted services.

The first wave of attacks targeted Cellcom, one of Israel’s leading telecommunications companies. SiegedSec managed to breach the customer support panel, gaining unauthorized access to nearly 180,000 customer records and a trove of support tickets. While the group claims they were unable to exfiltrate customer data, they boast of having left personalized messages in the support system.

The hacktivist group, self-proclaimed as “gay furry hackers,” has declared that more attacks are imminent. A statement from the group reads, “The gay furry hackers are pwning the internet! We won’t be stopping any time soon ;3 ‘ain’t been caught yet, we ain’t even broke a sweat.'”

This series of cyberattacks appears to be in collaboration with @xAnonymousSudan, a group that SiegedSec describes as officially being “gay furries.”

In a follow-up attack, SiegedSec targeted Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecommunications company, in what they labeled a “special Halloween Hack.” The group claims to have exfiltrated a significant amount of sensitive customer data, including nearly 50,000 full names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

The second treat in this virtual Halloween event involves a significant disruption to Israel’s infrastructure. SiegedSec claims to have accessed a portal controlling devices nationwide, effectively shutting them down. The impact has reportedly extended beyond Israel’s borders, affecting devices from the Hungary, Finland, and U.S Embassies in Israel.

For their third and final treat, SiegedSec used Bezeq’s campaign management portal to send a playful email to Bezeq customers. The group encourages its audience to stay tuned for more cyber antics, promising additional hacks in the future.

These cyberattacks raise serious concerns about the vulnerabilities in Israel’s telecommunications infrastructure and the potential for widespread disruption. Authorities are undoubtedly working diligently to investigate these breaches and secure the affected systems. will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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