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Cyber Breach Alert: Romania’s National Office for Centralized Procurement (ONAC) and First Credit and Investment Bank targeted in data breach

2023-08-18 15.42.37

In a concerning turn of events, a cybercriminal group identifying themselves as “SiegedSec” has claimed responsibility for a series of high-profile data breaches, including an attack on Romania’s National Office for Centralized Procurement (ONAC) and First Credit and Investment Bank.

The group made their presence known through a statement that has been circulating across various platforms. In their announcement, the hackers boasted of breaching ONAC’s database, exposing a trove of sensitive user information and emails. This breach raises significant concerns about the security of personal data and privacy.

SiegedSec’s activities didn’t stop at ONAC. The group also revealed that they targeted First Credit and Investment Bank, compromising user data and subsequently releasing it to the public. The extent of the data exposure and the potential impact on affected individuals remain to be determined.

The hacktivist group behind this attack also demonstrated a disturbing level of audacity by openly sharing their exploits on, a known forum for hackers and cybercriminals. The group created an account on the platform and posted details about their operations, including the compromised data from ONAC and First Credit and Investment Bank.

SiegedSec’s actions highlight the evolving and ever-present threat landscape in the digital realm. While claiming credit for their activities, the group extended appreciation to other hacking entities and promoted their intentions to continue posting their exploits on the aforementioned platform.

Authorities and cybersecurity experts are now actively investigating the extent of the breaches and the potential ramifications for the affected individuals. will continue to closely monitor developments related to this incident, providing updates on the ongoing investigations and recommendations to safeguard personal information in the face of increasing cyber threats.

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