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Controversy erupts as Russian Fortnite champions denied $200,000 prize

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Russian cybersports players Daniil “Putrick” Abdrakhmanov and Egor “Swizzy” Lucico have been denied their hard-earned $200,000 prize money following their victory at the Fortnite championship. The controversy has erupted as the game’s developer and organizer, Epic Games, cited the players’ Russian citizenship as grounds for withholding the winnings.

The duo, Abdrakhmanov and Lucico, secured their victory in the fiercely competitive Fortnite championship, showcasing their remarkable skills on the virtual battleground. However, what should have been a triumphant moment for the players quickly turned into a dispute.

Epic Games asserted that the players, despite competing from Belarus, a neighboring country, held Russian citizenship. Additionally, the organization claimed that their bank accounts were registered in Kazakhstan. Despite these claims, Abdrakhmanov and Lucico firmly maintained that they had adhered to all the tournament’s regulations and guidelines.

The situation took a turn when Epic Games not only refused to release the $200,000 prize money but also disqualified Abdrakhmanov from the FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) tournament in Copenhagen. This decision sent shockwaves through the Russian and Belarussian Fortnite esports community, sparking a heated debate on social media and various gaming forums.

The players, unwilling to accept the decision without a fight, took immediate action. They submitted an official appeal to Epic Games, hoping to resolve the issue and secure their well-deserved winnings. However, their efforts were met with disappointment as Epic Games responded with a terse refusal, citing the players’ origins from “a region with limited access to prizes.”

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