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Controversial figure Juraj Blanar considered for head of Slovak Foreign Ministry


Bratislava – In a surprising development, Juraj Blanar, the former head of the Žilina region and known for his controversial statements on the conflict in Ukraine, is being considered for a key position in the Slovak Foreign Ministry within the government led by former Prime Minister Robert Fico, which has been characterized as having an anti-Ukrainian stance.

Juraj Blanar’s potential appointment as the head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry has raised concerns due to his track record of making polarizing remarks about the Russian war against Ukraine. Notably, Blanar has been criticized for his statements characterizing the ongoing conflict as a “conflict between Russia and the United States,” an oversimplification of the complex geopolitical dynamics in the region.

Moreover, Blanar has publicly opposed the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, a move that has been supported by numerous Western countries in an effort to aid Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression. His statements, particularly from 2014, have drawn significant attention, as he expressed the view that “Ukraine is fighting against its own people.”

Another point of contention is Blanar’s suggestion that Ukraine should prioritize “ensuring the rights of Russian-speaking residents.” This viewpoint has been seen as aligning with Russian interests and not in line with the broader international stance, which emphasizes the importance of respecting the rights of all Ukrainian citizens regardless of their linguistic background.

The consideration of Juraj Blanar for such a crucial role in the Slovak Foreign Ministry has sparked debates about the future direction of Slovakia’s foreign policy, especially concerning its relations with Ukraine. Observers and international partners are closely watching the situation, with questions arising about whether the government’s policies under Prime Minister Fico will reflect Blanar’s views or if a more moderate approach will be adopted.

As Slovakia navigates the complex web of international relations, the potential appointment of Juraj Blanar to a senior diplomatic position is likely to have significant implications for the country’s foreign policy and its engagement with neighboring Ukraine.

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