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Colombia cuts ties with Israel over diplomatic spat, Trade impact looms


Colombia has announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Israel, following a heated exchange between Colombian President Gustavo Petro and the Israeli ambassador. The diplomatic fallout has sent ripples through international relations and has culminated in Israel halting the export of goods and technology to Colombia.

The dispute began when Colombian Foreign Minister [Name] accused the Israeli ambassador of displaying arrogance toward President Petro and called for an apology and the ambassador’s departure. This exchange of words drew sharp reactions from both sides, eventually leading to a diplomatic standoff.

In response to the deteriorating diplomatic relations, Israeli authorities made the decision to cease the export of goods and technology to Colombia, a move that could have significant economic repercussions.

Israeli Ambassador Gali Dagan, responding to the situation, stated on his official Twitter account:

“For the instruction of the Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores Eli Cohen, el Subdirector General para América Latina en la cancillería israelí, Emb. Jonathan Peled, convocó a la embajadora de Colombia en Israel, Margarita Manjarrez, para una conversación de reprimenda, tras las declaraciones hostiles y antisemitas del presidente de Colombia, Gustavo Petro, contra el Estado de Israel, durante the last week.”

Ambassador Dagan further expressed deep concerns, accusing President Petro of making hostile and antisemitic remarks against the State of Israel. He likened Petro’s statements to those made by terrorists, citing the casualties and kidnappings attributed to Hamas, emphasizing that Petro’s declarations could potentially incite anti-Semitism and threaten the peace of the Jewish community in Colombia.

In response to these inflammatory remarks and in an act of what Israel views as support for the alleged atrocities committed by Hamas, Israel decided to halt its exports to Colombia.

The diplomatic standoff between Colombia and Israel has raised concerns globally, as both nations had maintained relations for many years. The immediate halt in trade may have far-reaching consequences on the Colombian economy, as Israel is a significant trading partner, particularly in the export of technology and goods.

Efforts to de-escalate the situation and restore diplomatic relations are expected, as the international community closely monitors this unexpected and concerning development in the complex arena of global diplomacy.

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