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Belarusian ambassador to Ukraine dismissed by Lukashenko, Reports BelTA


MINSK – In an unexpected move today, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has signed decrees dismissing Ambassador Igor Sokil from his post as Belarus’ envoy to Ukraine, according to a report by the Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA). Additionally, Vyacheslav Kachanov, Belarus’ ambassador to Estonia, also faced the same fate.

BelTA’s report indicates that these decisions were made on October 19, 2023, signaling a significant change in Belarus’ diplomatic representation in neighboring countries.

Igor Sokil’s tenure as Belarus’ ambassador to Ukraine has been marred by a series of diplomatic tensions and controversies. Notably, in March 2022, amid escalating tensions between Belarus and Ukraine, Ambassador Sokil and the entire staff of the Belarusian embassy in Ukraine were ordered to leave the country.

This latest move to formally dismiss Ambassador Sokil raises questions about the future direction of Belarus-Ukraine relations and whether it may signal a shift in Belarus’ foreign policy towards its neighbors. The exact reasons for these dismissals remain unclear, but they come at a time of increased scrutiny on Belarus’ international actions.

The decision to remove Ambassador Sokil and his Estonian counterpart, Vyacheslav Kachanov, from their respective positions underscores the ever-evolving dynamics of diplomatic relations between countries in the region. It remains to be seen who will replace them and how this will impact Belarus’ diplomatic engagement with Ukraine and Estonia in the coming months.

These developments are sure to be closely monitored by international observers, and they further highlight the need for continued analysis of Belarus’ foreign policy and its interactions with neighboring countries. As new ambassadors are appointed to represent Belarus in Ukraine and Estonia, their actions and statements will be under intense scrutiny to gauge the trajectory of diplomatic relations in Eastern Europe.

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