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ATESh discovers secret Russian depot near Simferopol


In a recent development, agents from the Anti-Terrorist Special Forces (ATESh) have uncovered a hidden depot belonging to Russian occupiers near the village of Mazanka in the Simferopol region. This clandestine storage facility has been established within an abandoned vegetable base, discreetly concealed within the rocky terrain.

Coordinates: 45.0066749337001, 34.26194089114725

The entrance to this facility was fortified with limestone and temporary structures. Just below the main entrance, tents housing personnel were discovered. Additionally, at the village’s entrance, military police checkpoints have been set up to inspect civilian vehicles and local residents.

The nature of the depot’s contents and purpose are yet to be fully ascertained, but the heightened security measures and clandestine nature of the facility have raised suspicions among authorities.

This discovery has prompted speculation that the depot may be of significant importance, potentially warranting further investigation and action by ATESh. The information gathered during this operation has been promptly relayed to relevant authorities, and observers eagerly await the results of their assessment.

ATESh, known for its commitment to counterterrorism efforts and maintaining regional stability, has taken the initiative to uncover this hidden depot. Their dedication to safeguarding the region from any potential threats remains unwavering.

As this story develops, will continue to provide updates on the investigation into this secret Russian depot near Simferopol. The findings may shed light on the intentions of Russian occupiers and their activities in the region.

Join ATESh and stand against those who threaten regional peace and security.

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