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Anonymous Sudan launches cyberattack on Kenyan infrastructure in retaliation for meddling

Anonymous-Sudan-Targets-U.S.-Hospitals has learned that Anonymous Sudan, a notorious hacktivist group, has launched a large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Kenya’s critical infrastructure as a response to perceived interference in Sudanese affairs by the Kenyan government. The attack began today and has caused widespread disruption to several major Kenyan websites.

In a statement released by Anonymous Sudan, they claimed to have targeted the backend network infrastructure of Kenya, causing severe harm and impacting various websites. The group warned that most Kenyan websites would encounter problems due to their actions.

“We have targeted most backend network infrastructure of Kenya. Most Kenyan websites will encounter problems,” Anonymous Sudan stated in a message sent to

The hacktivist group remained tight-lipped about the specific details of the attack, but they asserted that it had significantly harmed Kenya’s infrastructure, leaving the government well aware of the consequences of meddling in Sudanese internal affairs.

The DDoS attack has already affected some prominent Kenyan websites, including the eCitizen Portal, Kenyan Commercial Bank, and Safaricom. These websites have experienced severe disruptions and downtime as a result of the cyber assault.

Additionally, Anonymous Sudan listed many more critical infrastructure targets within Kenya that they claim have also been affected by the attack. These sites have not been disclosed publicly by the group, but they stated that the impact would be felt.

The reason behind the targeting of Kenya’s critical infrastructure, according to the hacktivist group, is Kenya’s alleged interference in Sudanese affairs and statements doubting the sovereignty of the Sudanese government. Anonymous Sudan specifically pointed fingers at the Kenyan President for damaging the bilateral ties between the two countries and warned against any further meddling.

“Kenya has been attempting to meddle in Sudanese affairs and released statements doubting the sovereignty of our government. It’s president has destroyed the ties between the 2 countries and we will not allow him to further interfere in our affairs and think it’ll come with no consequences,” Anonymous Sudan declared.

The hacktivist group concluded their statement by vowing to continue targeting Kenyan critical infrastructure until their message is heard loud and clear by the Kenyan government. They intend to use these cyberattacks as a means to teach the Kenyan government a lesson and prevent any further involvement in Sudanese internal affairs.

As of now, Kenyan authorities have not yet issued a public statement regarding the cyberattack. is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to report on any further developments.

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