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Anonymous Sudan claims responsibility for MTN mobile network outage in Nigeria


The MTN mobile telephony operator in Nigeria experienced a significant network outage, with reports confirming that the service disruption is affecting users across the country. Anonymous Sudan has claimed full responsibility for the attack, stating it was in response to actions taken by Nigeria’s government with regards to Niger.

Numerous complaints have flooded social media platforms, particularly Twitter, with users in Nigeria expressing frustration over the MTN network outage. Many have reported difficulties in accessing even basic websites like, indicating the widespread impact of the disruption.

In a message posted by Anonymous Sudan, the group stated their motive for the attack, condemning Nigeria’s government actions towards Niger. The group alleges that Nigeria is involved in cutting power and collaborating with the planned French colonialistic invasion of Niger. Anonymous Sudan asserted that they had previously promised to retaliate and have now followed through by targeting the MTN network.

The MTN Group, a major multinational mobile telecommunications company, provides services across several African countries, including Nigeria. The outage has caused inconvenience to businesses, individuals, and essential services that rely on the network for communication and internet connectivity.

While the MTN Group has not officially commented on the situation, reports suggest that their technical teams are working to restore the network as swiftly as possible. However, the extent of the damage and the exact timeline for resolution remain uncertain.

Anonymous Sudan’s claim of responsibility has drawn attention to the underlying tensions and geopolitical issues between Nigeria and Niger. The group’s actions raise concerns about the potential for further cyber attacks and the need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure and networks in the region. has reached out to Nigerian authorities for their response to the incident and the ongoing situation. In the meantime, users are advised to remain cautious and exercise restraint while online, given the possibility of misinformation and malicious activities on social media.

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