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Akhmat Special Forces deployed to Bakhmut as AFU advances on multiple Fronts

F0qJHjoXgAA7bIc has received exclusive reports indicating that Akhmat special forces have been dispatched to the Bakhmut direction in Ukraine. Their primary objective is to reinforce the existing Russian units deployed in the area and bolster the defense against the advancing Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). The situation on the ground has been described as problematic by Russian channels, acknowledging that the AFU is making significant progress from various directions around the city.

The decision to send Akhmat special forces to Bakhmut highlights the gravity of the situation and the growing concern within the Russian military. These highly trained and elite forces have been chosen specifically to maintain the defense and prevent further territorial losses.

Ukraine, in its ongoing efforts to secure the region, has discovered Russian personnel who had been hidden for an extended period near Bakhmut. The magnitude of the findings is deeply disturbing, as the number of abandoned corpses found in the area is reported to be staggering.

The deployment of Akhmat special forces aims to address the escalating tensions and maintain control over Bakhmut and its surroundings. This move demonstrates Russia’s determination to protect its strategic interests in the region, which have been a subject of contention between Ukraine and Russia for years.

The AFU’s advancement on multiple fronts surrounding the city has significantly raised the stakes in this conflict. Both sides are now locked in a fierce struggle for dominance in the Bakhmut direction, which holds significant strategic importance due to its proximity to key infrastructure and transportation routes.

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